New Babies!


Tony has two new friends!

Miss Koo is a tabby who loves to explore and Chibi is a yellow tabby tom who was abandoned on Tony's doorstep and with the help of the local veterinarian and some TLC from Tony, he is thriving and exploring everything at top speed! Tony and Chizuko think their house has become a racetrack for cats!  Of course the older cats totally ignore the younger ones - probably thinking "who are these idiots?"




Miss Koo checks out the view from Pop's shoulder

Hummm...What is this?

Wonder what's happening outside?

Yay! Home from the vet!

Who could abandon such a sweetie?

Chibi loves his heating pad!

Chibi exploring Pop's desk!

Do you mind? We're resting!

This new kid better learn quick -I'm the boss!

Chibi says - "hey Miss Koo, let's wrestle!

No fair! Holding penalty!

Wrestling is fun!

Whew! That kid is wearing me out!

Time for a snooze - wrestling is tiring!

Hey! A new friend!

You can sleep here with me!

There's lots of room!

Best Pals - Miss Koo says "Whew! Now maybe I can rest!